Saturday, December 24, 2011

Inflammation has been identified as the most important factor in the information of

Plaque and arterial disease. Along with this breakthrough have come new tools which to precisely diagnose risky, identify specific inflammatory markers, and effectively treat both stable and unstable arterial disease. The truth is that the body sustains a daily toxic assault and forms play as a result.

We predicted that play reversal will become the new buzzwords. In new cardiology, we feel it's more important for you to know your blood is toxic the state-of-the-art dental health how much insulin your diet produces, and how to handle stress we may prescribe a cholesterol lowering drug but not for the same reason you think, we may recommended because it also beats down arterial inflammation. At the same time you might want to start on a simple supplement regimen of fish oil magnesium, c0q10, niacin, vitamin C and nattokinase, which can offer you more lifesaving benefits than many medical drugs without side effects.

In new cardiology we check cholesterol but we are more concerned about homoysteine, a troublesome substance it builds up in the body if you're short on certain vitamins creating inflammation and sticky blood.

to check substance call LP, fibrinogen, ferritin, and see c-reactive protein. We want to determine the calcium score in your coronary arteries-a new measurement that predicts heart attacks rest better than traditional tests.

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