Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hi my name is Caesar, Am going to write  about my experience with my dieting and how I wasn't too careful and didn't do any research before I started. I started my diet because I had lost my job and I was broke and I thought this might be a good time to start my diet since I don't have a lot of money to buy food. Starting my diet I decided that I would start my diet I decided to only eat once a day to get it a good healthy meal to meal consist of meat vegetables and a star starch, I started this diet on my own without visiting the doctor before I started the diet what a mistake I did this diet for three months lost 52 pounds in three months that I was on this diet then I decided to go see Dr. at their loss to 52 pounds and the doctor says to me what kind of problems that you have before he started his diet and I said well I have diabetes and I also have high blood pressure, the doctor took my blood pressure and said that my blood pressure was 90/70 and then did a glucose tests and said that my glucose indicated that I label was not a diabetic no trace of being a diabetic but the reason I went to the doctor was because I wasn't feeling my normal self and I had a problem going back to the doctor and I guess I put it off too long. A week later I was at work and I was in my truck make a phone call when I tried to get out of truck and felt like I was not faint and so I got back my truck and went straight to the hospital there they ran  a few test and found out that I was anemic I guess pretty sick pretty bad case of anemia so bad that they told me that I needed a blood transfusion right away they did a head scan see if there's any cancer in my head they did the MRI complete body MRI and other tests to see if I had cancer and I didn't have any cancer but I still had the problem with an anemia I was happy with the results they got after that I was given a blood transfusion but they released me a week later I was told before I left the hospital that I would probably never be able to absorb vitamin B12 and folic acid and vitamin D on normally that I would have  to take injections or very large doses by mouth and thought they could I really screwed myself up so now I'm I'm going back on a diet but this time I'm not going to start myself do the research and as I do the research and diet I will be posting it on my blog you guys can look at my information is evaluated to your own research don't ever take somebody else's word check it out for yourself and see your doctor.I will be posting a pictures of myself how I look now and how I'll look after untill I dropped the weight that I want to drop off,  Signing off for right now and you guys can keep in touch with me on my blog from Facebook and I will be posting different things on my blog so we can all work together still I want you guys to do your own research please. :-)

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